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I feel like I've finally gotten pretty good at Cocos2d-x, but was it worth it?
What is the meaningful peo-pl-e to do in an ambitious game in Cocos2d-x, have a turn into a garbage fire, then make something less ambitious in Godot or Unity.
I am not a sensible person. What I've done is to make an over-ambitious game in Cocos2d-x, have it turn into a garbage fire, and then keep trying to make the same over-ambitious game in Cocos2d-x, on and off, over and over, for an embarrassing number of years, when I have a bunch of shit going on in my life.
Now, the factory where I have been working, learn OpenGL, and build a portfolio so I can try and get into the software industry in some sense. And I'm actually pretty close to releasing a much less ambitious game in Cocos2d-x.
I've kinda mastered this engine. I've kinda mastered this engine. I've kinda mastered this engine. I've figured out not the right thing to do things. There are really enough tutorials on the latter for Cocos2d-x.
But I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it.
I'm not working in the game industry, more than any other part of the software industry. I have gotten into games through the social life, my mental health issues, and my obsessive vendetta.
Every time I am looking for something new, I'm like "I have to be someone with Nothing." + 5 years' experience in Cocos2d-x. I feel better off waiting until I get something new, instead of something else. job in it. "I do not fear the man who's learned a thousand frameworks, I do fear the man who's learned one framework a thousand times", and all that.
Of course, this is a good battling the monkey without releasing anything. But that should change once I release something. Which should be soon! It's been coming along pretty quickly, actually. All I have to do is integrate SDKs ...
I'm also afraid that Cocos2d-x may be dying. the industry is moving toward GUI based game building suites. Cocos Creator is not very well thought out, and I still do not think about it.
The whole idea of the game seems to be overkill for casual games, and it's apparently the market. Those GUIs always struck me as a white elephant that appeals to novices, though in hindsight. But now I'm hearing that it is really important to C ++ in general than modern game development
Plus, Cocos2d-x is under documented, especially when it comes to game architecture well. A lot of peo-pl-e are looking at the mistake Cocos2d-x is the object oriented architecture in their ap-pl-ication code. A well-written Cocos2d-x game leverages Cocos2d-x's is a logical architecture. 99% of all retain / release calls. Without taking advantage of the engine, you're not really using the redundant engine on top of it. But peo-pl-e do not do it right, so they wind up hating the engine. That makes me worry with me in 5 years.
But I digress. Where should I go from here? Once I release a game or two that is.

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